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Aspects That Makes Global Sevilla The Best International School Jakarta Barat

4 Aspects That Makes Global Sevilla The Best International School Jakarta Barat

When talking about international school in Jakarta Barat, the teaching style will be adjusted to the implemented curriculum. Like Global Sevilla, international schools follow the Cambridge Curriculum which can be adapted to other school programs. Global Sevilla has a different focus on teaching young learners. For more information, the following explanation.

Four Aspects That Make Global Sevilla Stand Out as International School

1. Classifying Three Academic Levels Based on Students Abilities

As one of the best international schools, Global Sevilla knows well how to engage the students in numerous fields including character building through education. It will need a different approach starting at an early young age. For these reasons, Global Sevilla provides three kinds of academic levels for young learners depending on their abilities and age classification.

These different academic levels consist of kindergarten school, primary school, and secondary school. Each program has a targeted learning curriculum to teach the students. In addition, the learning approach will implement the techniques depending on student abilities.  For example, kindergarten focusing on basic skills, primary school uses active learning, and secondary emphasis on research.

2. Balanced in Education

Global Sevilla international school Jakarta Barat not only offers a wide-ranging set of courses by categorizing three diverse levels but also balanced education. It is essential to prosper both students socially and emotionally. Thus, this school uses the best system of education that leads to excellent academic performance. Besides, the school also implements the international Cambridge curriculum.

3. Converging on Character Building

Unlike the other international schools especially in Jakarta, Global Sevilla gives the best method to teach the students. This institution not only focuses on academic results but also on character building. The students will learn and find the best potentials for future careers and academics. They will understand the aspects to improve other abilities for themselves.

4. Mindfulness-Based Approach

To maintain the balance between academics and positive characteristics, as an international school Jakarta Barat also uses a mindfulness-based program as an approach. The system is where the school focuses on the student’s well-being to reduce anxiety and stress. Therefore, the student will develop and improve their academic and behavioral outcome when entering the school.

All in all, there are four aspects that parents should know before registering their children in a particular academic institution, especially an international school. Global Sevilla provides a balanced education between academics and character that leads the students to have the best opportunities in the next future for their education and careers.